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Church of St. Gorazd

The Church of St. Gorazd is situated in an open area, about 50 metres from the Jantausch street at an altitude of 186 m. It is the second biggest cathedral consecrated to St. Gorazd, the disciple of Method, the first canonized Slovak (after the church of St. Gorazd in Košice, na Terase).

In 1990 the Pope John Paul II consecrated the founding stone (40 x 30 cm) for the new cathedral in Vrbové, which is now mounted on its external wall to the left of the entrance.

The church capacity is 450 seats and total capacity 1,000 places. The build-up area covers 1,129 m2, floor area covers 1,240 m2 (including the choir) and building volume amounts to 11,300 m3. Maximum height in the interior is 16.5 m.

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