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Convent of Pius XI

The prominent native of Vrbové, the Bishop Mons. Dr. Pavol Jantausch, set his mind on leaving a permanent monument in his natal town. That's why he decided to build a Convent of the Premonstratensian Nuns and a school. He consecrated the convent chapel on 8 September 1932 and the neighbouring school on 27 August 1939.

The convent is located at the Jantausch street. Nowadays it is made by two main buildings - the convent the former people's school.

The convent is a two-floor septagonal building, to which a chapel has been annexed on the western side rising to the same height. The founding stone of the building (it is mounted in the wall to the right of the chapel entrance: „1930") was laid on 22 June 1930.

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