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Leaning Tower

The leaning tower stands nearby the Church of St. Martin in the town centre at an altitude of 187.68 m. It is the most distinctive building dominanting over the town of Vrbové.

It is a tetragonal structure built in the Classicistic style with a square plan with dimensions 6.5 x 6.5 m. The structure exterior is divided by cornices into three floors. Cornices, or architraves, are supported by pilasters at the corners. The belfry façade has one window axis with rectangular openings with a segmented funicular arch on the ground and top floors (the window in the western part of the ground floor is replaced by a niche), the second floor has oval windows.

The window openings are adorned with plastic stucco window architraves, the oval windows have the most abundantly decorated framing. The tower is 38.16 m high.

The foundation stone of a new tower-belfry was laid on 7 May 1832 and the tower suddenly leaned after long-lasting rain on 28 October 1930. The tower is not open to the public at present.

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