The town of Vrbové is a picturesque town with population of about 6,300 inhabitants. The town appearance has been shaped for centuries.  The changes, which it has undergone recently, have enhanced the town namely from the urbanistic, cultural, spiritual and educational point of view.


The numerous visitors are charmed by its permanent pleasant atmosphere. There is no hustle and bustle of big cities here, on the contrary, you can draw spiritual harmony from the peaceful pulse of the small town. Its beauty is created by distinct sights, which are really numerous here, starting from the famous leaning tower that attracts the sights of visitors from a distance. The tower ranks among the most famous of its kind in Slovakia. Other interesting buildings include the Gothic church of St. Martin (14th century), Baroque curia of Móric Beňovský (17th century), Evangelical church (1929), the modern Church of St. Gorazd (1997) and the oriental style Jewish synagogue (1883).


Vrbové is situated 10 km north-west of the famous Piešťany spa at the foothills of Small Carpathians (Malé Karpaty).  It is an area much frequented by tourists who like to discover the beauty of the following natural monuments: Mt. Malá pec (396 m), Mt. Veľká pec (438 m), Mt. Tlstá hora, Mt.Čerenec...


However, Vrbové is known to the wide public not only due to its rich history and interesting sights, but also due to prominent natives, the most famous of whom is the King of Madagaskar, Móric Beňovský (1746 - 1786), and the defendant of the rights of Slovaks, Ján Baltazár Magin (1681 - 1735). Other attractions for visitors to Vrbové include the legendary fairs, which have been held for centuries. Other, more recent attractions, include the Days of the Town of Vrbové, festival „Vrbovské vetry", top kynologic competions and the running race „Vrbovska pätnástka" (15 km running race).


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