Vizovice has nearly 5,000 inhabitants. Its area is 28.55 km2. The town is dominated by a Baroque chatteau, two triangular squares, a church and a monastery. The town of Vizovice is the gateway to the Walachian region, the birthplace of Bolek Polívka and Alois Hába, a renowned European composer.


It is located at the foothills of the Vizovice Highlands, 15 km to the east of the Regional town of Zlín, at the confluence of the Lutoninka and Bratřejovka rivulets with the Dubovský, Slatinský, Želechovský, Čamínský and Chrastěšovský streams.



The vast part of its environs lies in the Vizovice Highlands, is crossed by the ridge of the Komonec Downs with Mt. Klášťov (753 m) that is subject to archaeological survey thanks to the numerous archaeological findings in the area. The town is overlooked by Jan's Mount (438.6 m). The town of Vizovice lies at an altitude of 296 meters above sea level.




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